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Who am I?

Gabriela Peck Portela. Brazilian, born and raised in Ourinhos, interior of SP, Brazil, mother of two (Diogo 18, and Barbara 9), married, nurse, worked for 12 years at Santa Casa de Ourinhos as a nursing technician. In 2017 I decided to take a risk, throw away that totally stabilized life I had (but something was missing for me) and reinvent myself in another country, another job, other cultures, languages, and routines.

I dedicated days and nights, months and years, I studied a lot… In each book I understood more and more the whys I had inside me, page by page I was unraveling my missions, dreams, and duties. I have always been passionate about the health area, so I worked for so long taking care of lives as a nurse. But I wanted more than that, I wanted to understand people’s heads, understand the reason for so many diseases, illnesses, pains…

I wanted to find the CAUSE to THEN offer the cure! And that’s how I started… First I decided to get to know myself deeply, every little piece I had hidden inside me that I didn’t even know where, but I was turning it over, took everything out, you know when we decide to do that house cleaning, lift up chairs, take everything out of the place, empty closets… do that tremendous cleaning and then put back inside only what was good, and what no longer served me I left out.

It was years of research, study, tests, experiences, I started to perceive and understand that every cause has an effect, that every feeling and emotion generates a consequence in us, good or bad. I realized that a nervous state, for example, caused me insomnia, headaches, stomach aches and so on… And that I couldn’t just take a painkiller and an antacid to eliminate those symptoms, because they would certainly come back as soon as the effect of the remedy passed, not to mention the side effects these “drugs” would cause me…

I had to cut off the root of the problem, discover what was causing me all that nervousness and eliminate that feeling that was so bad for my body. And it was with a lot of study, research and dedication that I became a Psychoanalyst and Holistic Therapist. Today I am specialized in Flower Therapy, Naturopathy and Phytotherapy.

My life goal is to help each person who comes to me to improve their quality of life and reach their maximum point of balance, physical, emotional and energetic, because diseases are nothing more than our WHOLE in imbalance. With the natural techniques I have learned, which I used on myself, my family and friends, I know that this is totally possible.

Only using natural techniques and medicines provided by nature. In Nature (herbs, plants, flowers, food…) we have absolutely everything our body and mind need to heal and strengthen… without drugs, without chemicals and without SIDE EFFECTS. I invite you to get to know my products, totally natural, without chemicals, without preservatives, elaborated and manufactured by me, through research, scientific proofs, tested and used by me and by the people I love the most.

At my house we all cure ourselves with NATURE.

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